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Delivering The Most Critical & Key Services To Our Clients


We understand that your company is unique, that’s why we provide a truly unique ICT-Innovative solutions for your Business!

Delivering The Most Critical & Key Services To Our Clients


Being data-driven enables more accurate decisions than competitors! Unlock the full potential of IoT platforms with HAYYDEN IoT-powered services!

Delivering The Most Critical & Key Services To Our Clients


We deliver bespoke Cybersecurity solutions, including an Innovative & Automated “Threat Hunting-As-A-Service” for even the most demanding ICT landscapes!

Delivering The Most Critical & Key Services To Our Clients


HAYYDEN – Networks, Cybersecurity, ICT, Wireless, VoIP & Unified Communications, Smart Cities, IoT,
Innovative & AI-driven company

HAYYDEN mainly focuses on Networks, Cybersecurity and Voice technologies. We are an Innovative & AI-driven company.

HAYYDEN offers the highest consultancy level for such areas as Routing & Switching, Data Centre, LAN & WAN, Security, Wireless, VoIP, Unified Communications and many other ICT services. In addition, throughout the years while working with our Clients we have gained the solid and extensive experience in providing the comprehensive monitoring solutions in terms of overall Network infrastructure performance & bandwidth utilization.

We are also known for delivering to our Clients best-suited and dedicated 24/7 Network & Security ICT maintenance and support.

What’s more, please be advised that the full range of our offer encompasses many other ICT services related with Networks & Cybersecurity & AI & IoT & Voice which are properly designed to meet all of your Business needs.

We hold the capabilities to provide the services at both global and local level when looking from the worldwide perspective. In addition to our international presence, we manage to operate remotely as well as providing a variety of an on-site support which truly confirms that HAYYDEN is capable of addressing a wide range of Customers’ needs.

HAYYDEN has the appropriate expertise and required resources to take part in any project. Thanks to our worldwide presence we can quickly respond to any request within 24 hours.

All of our Clients confirm that services & solutions provided by HAYYDEN are very efficient and always delivered on time. During joint collaboration with us, Clients quickly realize the fact, that thanks to our offer they finally find what they have been looking for – sometimes even for a long time!

Unlike other companies in the market, HAYYDEN delivers entirely customized & personalized end-to-end Network & Cybersecurity services to the Clients until the job gets done!

By streamlining your processes & eliminating unnecessary steps, HAYYDEN
as an AI-driven IoT company releases your organization from useless marketing additions & unnecessary costs!

Maybe, the whole trick is that we strongly believe in building a personal relationships with each Client as this is the real key to a successful Business.

Our main aim is to save your money & time, by the same leaving you free to concentrate on your core operations!

Why don’t you find out for yourself?!

That’s why we encourage you to contact us, as well as to familiarize yourself with our offer that can be found under sections called “Service Catalogue” & “Key Technologies & Solutions”.

Let us boost your Business and explore the full range of our services!

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Why Choose Us?

No Overlapping
HAYYDEN Delivers Entirely Customized End-To-End Network
& Cybersecurity Services Until The Job Gets Done!
No Ineffective & Useless
You Get A Dedicated Network & Cybersecurity Engineering
Task Force To Deal With The Matter In An End-To-End Fashion
No Overwhelming
Project Management (PMs)
Instead, You Get A Dedicated HAYYDEN Resources Assigned
To Your Business Until The Damage Gets Fixed
No Repeatable
Service Requests (SRs)
Get HAYYDEN Network & Cybersecurity Engineers To Get The
Job Done – The Holistic Approach To Your Business Until The Job Gets Done!

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HAYYDEN offers a wide
array of services & products

Future Technologies

Discover The Essence Of HAYYDEN’s Most Innovative
& Cutting-Edge Technologies

Smart AI

Most importantly, by applying Smart AI Business Process Automation, HAYYDEN IoT services are proven to massively reduce your organization’s operational overhead, CapEx and OpEx costs!

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Internet of Things (IoT)

HAYYDEN offers a one-stop-shop for all your Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives & implementations – We provide a wide array of IoT cutting-edge technologies & solutions, including end-to-end secure & innovative commercial-ready IoT platforms!

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Urban AI Systems & Smart Cities & Smart Parking

From smart buildings, through a driverless cars, to smart cities, Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming markets & industries at a rapid pace.
IoT-driven digital transformation is changing the world, including market-leading sectors like IoT driverless cars & autonomous vehicles.
Thanks to the deployed IoT technology, cities we all know today will transform into the IoT-based smart cities including an innovative Urban AI Systems & Smart Parking Systems.

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Innovative Cybersecurity & “Threat Hunting-As-A-Service”

HAYYDEN is an innovative & smart automation company delivering a wide array of Cybersecurity ICT services to organizations of all sizes and across all industries, tailored to meet any budget requirements. We deliver bespoke Cybersecurity solutions, including an innovative & automated “Threat Hunting-As-A-Service” platform. HAYYDEN also provides the Cybersecurity solutions like Real-Time Cyber Threat Intelligence and Automated Risks Mitigation for even the most demanding ICT landscapes!

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Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Autonomous AI Nodes are becoming increasingly smart & intelligent enough, gradually day-by-day producing self-aware behavior through Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) processes. As the final result, triggering an innovative Machine Learning & Deep Learning models through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), eventually takes your entire organization to the next level!

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Big Data & Network Analytics

HAYYDEN is massively equipped with IoT technologies & platforms, setting standards in today’s fast-paced modern digital world. Our expertise ranging from a single device throughout Cloud-based environments & Enterprise applications to Big Data & Network Analytics. HAYYDEN IoT Big Data Analytics Solutions authorize us to design & implement a comprehensive and innovative IoT Big Data platforms, no matter the scale.

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Software Defined Networking & Network Functions Virtualization (SDN/NFV)

Get the most from your Network & entire ICT landscape with HAYYDEN Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). The advanced HAYYDEN Cloud Network Virtualization (NV) solutions are equipped with an innovative Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies and dynamic-provisioned Environments capable of supporting various data processing models & Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) platforms.

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As an innovative ICT Networking company, HAYYDEN offers a wide range of Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies;
a broad array of SDN products
with industry-leading SD-WAN services portfolio. SD-WAN is designed to prioritize Business-critical traffic; intelligently route mission-critical traffic along the best available path. Together SD-WAN and Network Programmability help to automate zero-touch network provisioning, while at the same time leading
to massive CapEx and OpEx costs reduction!

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You DO NOT need ANOTHER Useless Processes, Overlapping Tickets, Overwhelming Project Management (PMs), or Repeatable Service Requests (SRs) You DO NOT need ANOTHER Useless Processes, Overlapping Tickets, Overwhelming Project Management (PMs), or Repeatable Service Requests (SRs)

HAYYDEN…There Is Truly Nothing Else What Your Business Really Needs! HAYYDEN…There Is Truly Nothing Else What Your Business Really Needs!



We Offer All Possible Combinations Of Remote & Local & On-Site Support When It Comes To Network & Cybersecurity.

No Matter Where You Are.
No Matter Where Your Business Is Located.
No Matter Where Your Company Operates.

Thanks To Our Worldwide Presence, We Are Capable Of Delivering ANY SOLUTION AT ANY TIME AT ANY PLACE In The World. HAYYDEN Provides A Unique Remote & Local As Well As On-Site Services To Customers Around The World. This Particular Strategy Helps To Considerably Reduce Your Overall IT Business Operating Costs.

We Assist Our Worldwide Customers With Dedicated Remote Services, Consisting Of: Urgent Troubleshooting, Remote Configuration, Support, Design, Upgrades, Maintenance, Over Phone/Via Email Consulting And Many Other Well-Designed Solutions.

Our Remote Services Strategy Approach Will Also Bring Major Cost Savings To Your Company As There Will Be No Travelling & Lodging Expenses!

Learn More How HAYYDEN Can Reduce Your IT Business Costs!

Providing Services at the Highest Consultancy Level

We Are The Team Of Highly Skilled Professional Accredited Network & Cybersecurity Engineers.

You Can Be Confident In Our Ability Of Providing Highly Knowledgeable Network & Security ICT Services & Support.

Hire A Network & Cybersecurity Engineer Now!

Stay Tuned On How HAYYDEN Is Transforming
The Global Digital Experience!

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