Network Monitoring Deployment


Your network is your Business. To really know your network, you need a network monitoring solution that can provide immediate and continuous visibility into the health of your ICT network infrastructure. Network monitoring helps you to stay in Business! Remember, a bespoke network monitoring deployment can help you find issues more quickly, keep your business healthy by enabling you to avoid expensive outages, resolve bottlenecks more easily, address performance issues before they cause problems, and significantly reduce your organizational IT costs by only buying the hardware & resources you really need!

As networking technology becomes more complex, ICT network monitoring has continued to evolve. Multilayer switches, routers, hubs and bridges connect key infrastructure components together exposing your entire infrastructure to the external network environments like the public Internet or some cloud-based platforms. Moreover, there are numerous Cybersecurity aspects like virtual private networks (VPNs), intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), spam, malware & virus filters, and of course firewalls. As you can imagine, even in a single network there are potentially thousands of elements to monitor. That’s why understanding the complexity of your ICT Network & Cybersecurity Infrastructure is the key to running a successful Business.

HAYYDEN can help you address all of these areas of your ICT infrastructure by implementing a dedicated monitoring platform. Our Network monitoring services include ICT infrastructure and Network & Cybersecurity monitoring solutions that are customized to meet your organization’s specific needs and goals.

It is important to realize that Network & Security monitoring is critical to Businesses of all sizes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a large corporate brand, medium-sized or a small Business – All types of organizations are vulnerable to serious Cybersecurity attacks!

Recent years have shown that even small Businesses have become the target for external attacks due to the fact that hackers are well aware that small Businesses do not follow security policies and are lacking Network & Cybersecurity monitoring which also plays an integral role in maintaining high security level. The perception that Network & Cybersecurity monitoring is only important for large corporations, government departments, banking & financial institutions, and large insurance organizations is rapidly changing. The Network & Cybersecurity monitoring is increasingly becoming an integral part of the small & medium-sized companies as well.


HAYYDEN’s Network & Cybersecurity Monitoring products will bring following values & benefits to your Business:

  • Avoiding costly downtime, expensive outages,
    unplanned maintenance and performance problems
  • Preventing potential issues from becoming costly disasters
    by delivering proactive remote monitoring platforms
  • Providing immediate and continuous visibility into the health of your
    Network & Cybersecurity & entire ICT Infrastructure
  • Reducing cost through better purchasing,
    allowing you to know what you need and buy only what you really need!
  • Identifying warning signs of potential problems
    before they damage Business operations and cost you money
  • Customized Network & Cybersecurity Monitoring solutions to meet your individual requirements
    & organizationís specific needs and goals
  • Allowing you to manage everything more efficiently when your network covers widely separated geographic locations; there’s simply no way you have enough staff to meet Business goals & requirements while maintaining offices dispersed all over the world
  • Easy access & manage platforms with a minimum of specialized training required; anyone on your team should be able to use it and immediately find out where your ICT network & Cybersecurity Infrastructure is experiencing a problem
  • Optimizing service delivery
    across your entire organization
  • Triggering alert notifications
    when threshold violation occurs
  • All your real-time Network
    & Cybersecurity information at your fingertips
  • Delivering Data Backup Monitoring to make sure your data is both properly backed up
    & that the backup is not corrupt
  • Visualizing complex ICT Network
    & Cybersecurity Infrastructures
  • Providing 24/7 real-time visibility
    & efficient data exchange anywhere, anytime and anyplace
  • Fully customized
    open source-based solutions
  • Acting as a mandatory element
    for competitive Businesses of all sizes
  • Significantly improving your financial performance by trimming down costs related
    to maintenance & Network emergencies
  • Dramatically lower
    total cost of ownership
  • Enabling better bandwidth utilization controlling mechanism
    & Providing substantial savings in bandwidth usage
  • Improving your profit
    without increasing staffing or operational costs
  • Saving money!

It is extremely important to emphasize that the Network & Cybersecurity Monitoring solutions offered by HAYYDEN are based on fully customizable and highly adaptable open-source architecture bringing additional Benefits & cost savings to your IT organization!