About Us


Our Aim

HAYYDEN aims to provide its Customers with innovative Network & Cybersecurity & Voice ICT technologies. Thanks to our dedicated IT solutions your Business will increase in productivity, reduce overall costs, and eventually increase total revenue. We have extensive experience in providing end-to-end product when it comes to the following Network & Security & Voice Infrastructure areas:

main services

Our main services compromise of Design, Configuration,
Implementation, Solutions, Troubleshooting, 24/7 Maintenance &
Support, Bandwidth Utilization Monitoring, 24/7 Network
Performance Monitoring, and many more.

It doesn’t really matter where your Business is located or your company operates as we manage to provide our services at global as well as local scope level when looking from the worldwide perspective. We work across variety of sectors and have Customers based both nationally and globally. Thanks to our worldwide presence, we hold the capabilities to deliver solutions across all time zones.

In addition, HAYYDEN offers all possible combinations of Remote & Local & On-Site Support which truly confirms our mission to deliver the most sophisticated products, by the same reducing your overall IT Business costs. The wide range of our Remote Services includes urgent troubleshooting, remote configuration, support, design, upgrades, maintenance, over phone/via email consulting and many other best-fit solutions. Thanks to our Remote Services, HAYYDEN is capable of delivering almost any kind of Network & Cybersecurity & Voice Infrastructure Support, regardless of where in the world you may be based.

Most importantly, our Remote Services are completely free of travelling & lodging expenses which brings additional major cost savings to your company!

Main goals

One of the main goals at HAYYDEN is to offer our Customers the most innovative multi-vendor Network & Security & Voice ICT Products, Services, and Technologies on the market today.

We manage to provide comprehensive support of Vendor-Neutral & Multi-Vendor ICT environment focused on a large variety of the networking industry leaders!

Delivering Vendor-Neutral Solutions proves HAYYDEN capabilities to provide complex Support Services to manage your Multi-Vendor infrastructure.

HAYYDEN has the appropriate expertise and worldwide resources to take part in any project. We can collaborate with our Customers anywhere and everywhere in the world!

Our global presence gives us an opportunity to respond quickly to any request within 24 hours.

We always deliver our services on time and on budget while meeting Customers’ expectations and Business requirements.

Thanks to our innovative end-to-end products, HAYYDEN ensures optimal network performance, thereby dramatically reducing your total IT costs, and at the same time increasing your overall company productivity.

Above all, solutions offered by us help Businesses around the world increase their revenue!


Our Vision & Values

The whole trick is that we strongly believe in building a personal relationships with our Customers as this is the real key to a successful Business. Building and maintaining a direct relationship with each Customer helps in establishing a bond which is the most effective way to boost your Business. There’s way more to Business than just delivering projects on time. HAYYDEN strongly believes in the enduring value of collaborative relationships, built on a solid foundation of trust, openness, and honesty.

One of the things that makes us different is that you will be allocated a dedicated Network & Cybersecurity & Voice Engineers fully assigned to your various IT projects.

The same set of resources will be entirely responsible for each implementation, delivering high quality complex services throughout the entire life cycle journey of each project worldwide. Moreover, they will be acting as a single point of contact for all of your Business neeeds in terms of Network & Security & Voice Infrastructure areas.

There is no need for complex processes which most often result in Customers getting frustrated when a single project is being simultaneously managed by multiple resources, or else every single troubleshooting ticket is being reassigned to multiple support groups eventually not giving back any real positive result. Complicated and overlapping processes many times lead to undelivered projects and unsolved issues.

Reducing Unnecessary IT Processes

Thanks to our Services your Business will not run into such troubles as you will get exclusively assigned Network & Cybersecurity & Voice Engineers, and plenty of other fully dedicated technical project management resources. Moreover, this particular approach considerably decreases the time needed for projects implementation and various troubleshooting processes.

At HAYYDEN, we believe that the process itself should be reduced to the lowest possible level.

All that really matters for us is the simplicity which in turn leads to the efficiency. As a result, we do our best to ensure that the Service Standard offered by us is built on both simplicity as well as efficiency which truly are HAYYDEN’s two core values. In addition, one of our strategic approaches says “the efficiency of simplicity”, at the same time well describing HAYYDEN’s objective when it comes to delivering various ICT Services to Customers around the globe. Eventually, those two elements help us to drive your Business to number one!

We are fully aware that without our Clients HAYYDEN wouldn’t even exist – that’s why HAYYDEN strives to deliver the best combination of Services, Solutions, Maximum Security and Cost Savings & Efficiency that you will find on the market today.

We find it extremely important that our Customers get exactly what they are paying for – Nowadays, many Customers very often pay for products they don’t even seem to be interested in receiving. HAYYDEN addresses this serious problem visible on the market today by fully understanding our Clients’ needs and delivering best-fit products.

We don’t hide ourselves behind some complicated, contradictory and misleading processes – We just provide what your Business really needs!

HAYYDEN Services are powered and very efficient due to its simple design as we strongly believe that the simplest solutions are the best one. We always follow the guiding principle “the simpler, the better”.

HAYYDEN always goes the extra mile for our Customers. We build our Business relationships based on transparency, passion and involvement. You can always expect from us a true partnership as we are totally committed to you – our Customer.

Our main and ultimate goal is to earn your trust, and to be the most highly regarded by all of our Customers around the world.


The Team at HAYYDEN

Our worldwide team consists of a highly skilled Network & Cybersecurity Engineers and Consultants. All our team members have at least 10 years + working experience, with a senior staff holding even more than 20 years of a solid professional background!

Apart from the technical experience, all our Network & Cybersecurity Consultants have excellent Customer facing skills & demonstrate extensive commercial knowledge.

It’s important to note that every single project is brought together under a careful supervision of our Technical Project Managers who are fully dedicated and responsible for their projects at any implementation depth. HAYYDEN provides a step by step personal assistance during each project execution in order to ensure everything runs smoothly and to the highest possible level.

Serving diverse Customers all over the world, our international & devoted team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to any emergency requests. The ‘can-do’ attitude of our staff ensures that the needs of our Customers & Partners are always accommodated in the best way possible.

All our team members have one thing in common – a true passion for supporting our Customers. Our staff is fully devoted to meeting and exceeding your Business expectations.

We will always go the extra mile, day and night, having strong commitment to deliver & improve the quality of your daily Business operations and introduce efficiencies within your organization.

Our team is capable of delivering the promised services in a timely & most professional manner, even to the most remote destinations.

Our people are the lifeblood of our company, that’s why we do not call them “employees” but “team members”. Our team members are focused on constantly developing effective teamwork which is critical to our success in helping Customers.

Productive teamwork in our company leads to a trust which plays a key role in any type of relationship because a relationship without trust is not really a relationship at all. At HAYYDEN, we believe in establishing every single Business based on a strong relational bonds with our Clients – we invest in long-term relationships that last a lifetime.

We also believe that relationships with our Customers are only as strong as our relationships with each other – that’s why at HAYYDEN teamwork plays a critical role, and is one of the most important things in our organization.

meet our team

Our team consists of reliable staff members distinguished as per the following services & departments:

Network & Cybersecurity Engineers
Network & Cybersecurity Consultants
24/7 NOC & SOC support (including On-Call services)
24/7 NOC remote & on-site maintenance
NOC & SOC monitoring
Telecom Pre-Sales support
Technical Project Managers