Network Audit & Inventory


Without a doubt, the most important thing in planning Network & Security performance enhancements or any new IT service deployment is understanding & architecture awareness of the existing network components. Just imagine managing of your IT infrastructure without in-depth knowledge of your implemented IT equipment – it’s just simply impossible!

In addition, the lack of knowledge about the details around your own infrastructure in some special cases like rapid Business expansion, acquisition, standard production growth, company consolidation and reorganization which are all extremely critical for your Business leads to stopping projects moving forward or sometimes even worse – to completely blocking a multi-million-dollar investments.

As an experienced company, we hold Network Audit & Inventory capabilities that can fully address all of these requirements for your organization & Business.

Our Network & Security Engineers are capable of conducting a complete & extensive Assessment of your organization’s ICT infrastructure (including Data Centre environments).

We have a dedicated team responsible for end-to-end Network & Security architecture Audit & Inventory. As a result, our Customers are provided with the confidence while dealing with their Business-critical network elements & systems. What’s more important, our Customers will make reasonable choices while comparing the ‘As-Is’ scenarios with the latest industry trends & best practices.

Thanks to our Audit & Inventory process, your organization will make more mature & Business-aware decisions. Also, if you are considering an upgrade of your ICT infrastructure, a network Assessment is vital to guarantee that you deploy the best and most appropriate solution for your Business.

The team at HAYYDEN holds Vendor-Neutral & Multi-Vendor capabilities allowing us to understand and interpret any device condition issue. Our detailed Audits are focused on liberating resources, lowering your running costs for energy, and can significantly reduce maintenance costs. Added to that, our well-tailored Audits reduce Network & Security risk, cost-effectively protect your Business-critical IT assets, and help Customers achieve their IT Security and Compliance goals.

Network Audit & Inventory process is always the first step in any potential future ICT infrastructure projects. This first step in turn produces the most important element of every single Business IT infrastructure – The comprehensive documentation.
Having detailed documentation at your fingertips simplifies everything; this is the most crucial aspect while managing the whole ICT infrastructure.


The complete documentation is invaluable to Business owners, providing them with a true understanding of the entire infrastructure, causing your Business to always make the right choices for the future development, and ensuring that the most accurate support services are in place.

HAYYDEN’s Network Audit & Inventory services provide you with the confident & effective Assessment of your entire ICT infrastructure. Network & Security Assessment will lead to the changes and upgrades that will make your whole IT infrastructure better, safer, more efficient, and most importantly more cost-effective.