Network Optimization & Acceleration


Due to the end users’ growing demands, applications and web platforms are becoming more and more complex. The same applies to Cloud Computing, Big Data and Virtualization. While these technologies continue to evolve offering more and more sophisticated functionalities to Clients, the technical requirements around ICT Infrastructure at the same time are becoming more and more challenging. In particular, WAN and LAN networks have evolved greatly over the last few years, ultimately becoming one of the most complex element of the ICT Infrastructure.

Nowadays, keeping the high-performance WAN/LAN Infrastructure is extremely critical to the success of companies around the world due to increasing demand for high-bandwidth-consuming technologies like Cloud computing, massive file sharing platforms, IoT, Big Data and high-quality video streaming as they together tend to put more pressure on the WAN & LAN networks than ever.

It all impacts bandwidth consumption levels leading to costly bandwidth upgrades damaging your company’s IT budget as bandwidth represents the largest part of your total IT operating expenses.

Nowadays, users are demanding better Network performance in order to work more productively. Simply increasing bandwidth without also taking care of latency does not provide any benefits to mission-critical Applications.

So it’s not just about the bandwidth – it’s also about addressing other factors like network latency, delay, congestion control, reliability, and application performance.

HAYYDEN offers a wide range of Network Optimization & Acceleration services addressing all of the requirements listed above.


Network Optimization & Acceleration services delivered by HAYYDEN provide the following benefits to your company:

  • Maximizing the overall Network performance while minimizing WAN & LAN costs
  • Removing the need for a costly bandwidth upgrades; significantly minimizing the bandwidth expenses
  • Drastically reducing equipment & hardware renewal and upgrades costs
  • Dramatically reducing IT CapEx and OpEx costs!
  • Short-term ROI (within the first four to six months)!
  • Accelerate Application performance; confirmed ability to increase Apps performance across different platforms up to 60 times
  • Ensuring considerably faster web-based mission-critical Application response time
  • Providing LAN-Like performance across a global WAN for remote & mobile workers; maximizing Network speed between distant locations
  • Data accessibility improvement
  • Reducing the amount of data crossing the WAN; speeding up file transfers across the WAN
  • Capable of identifying traffic at a granular level, enabling policies to define bandwidth allocation on a per-protocol basis & end-user needs
  • Dramatic improvement in end-user productivity; significantly reducing labor costs!
  • Eliminating the need for expensive maintenance of network links to each branch office – bringing enormous savings!

In addition, HAYYDEN offers a broad range of Cloud-Ready Network Optimization & Acceleration platforms. HAYYDEN’s WAN Optimization as-a-Service delivers a high-performance, cost-effective, intelligent, and scalable Network architecture deployed across the globe based on existing Internet infrastructure without the need for purchasing any additional hardware & software ICT components. Our market-leading WAN Optimization as-a-Service platforms guarantee that your data, Applications and entire corporate IT infrastructure hosted in the Cloud service models like IaaS (Infrastructure as-a-Service) & PaaS (Platform as-a-Service) will experience significantly improved overall performance.

HAYYDEN’s approach while delivering Network Optimization & Acceleration services goes far beyond traditional deliverables, encompassing a broad range of additional expertise including:

  • Conducting initial research and discovery phase to understand your Business goals & objectives, overall requirements, available resources, and the project budget
  • Reviewing your existing Architecture & Validating your current Infrastructure
  • Selecting target vendor based on your exact needs
  • Providing guidance and support throughout the entire procurement process
  • Designing a new solution & Executing the Proof of Concept (PoC)
  • Deployment & Implementation of the final solution
  • Capable of delivering both On-premises & Off-premises managed services
  • Delivering a comprehensive set of recommendations to help you get the most out of your existing IT infrastructure
  • Providing ongoing support throughout the entire product lifecycle
  • As soon as our Expert team at HAYYDEN determines the best LAN & WAN optimization solution for your needs, there is very little you need to do what truly confirms that you really receive from us the end-to-end product!