Information Technology has been of great essence across the Finance & Banking sector. Nowadays, financial institutions encompass a broad range of Business operations within the financial services sector, including national and international banks, retail banking, insurance and funds, investment banks, brokers, payment services providers, insurance companies, mortgage providers, pension funds, and commercial banking services.

New technologies, especially Networking, Infrastructure, ICT-Innovation and Cybersecurity areas need to adopt in order to provide excellent Business operations and services to end-clients.

Banks and other financial institutions are increasingly interconnecting their IT systems not only across branches in a city but also to other geographic locations with the high-speed network infrastructure, setting up local area and wide area networks, and eventually connecting them to the Internet. As a result, Networking & Cybersecurity and the whole ICT services in the banking industry sector are now expanding more than ever before!

The banking sector faces a constant challenge of new regulations and compliance requirements – HAYYDEN understands all of these challenges and aims to address the growing demands in financial markets through automation, innovative IT solutions, operational efficiency, vast technology adoption, and programmable networks.