Voice over IP (VoIP) Implementation


Many companies today have moved away from the traditional phone systems in favor of VoIP solutions.
In fact, VoIP technology is a great way to improve call quality and save your Business money. VoIP solutions are significantly cheaper than traditional phone services. In addition, VoIP offers the lowest rates available for local & international calling what makes it considerably less expensive than traditional landlines. Moreover, VoIP solutions are capable of delivering free calls between users regardless of their location. Simply put, making calls within a VoIP network is free anywhere in the world.

VoIP telephony does more than increase savings by reducing expenses & overall costs. Scalability is also a key benefit in here. First of all, there is significantly less hardware to buy or lease; in reality, hosted VoIP platforms require no new hardware investment at all, eventually delivering the ability to scale service up or down as you need it. Instead of investing in overpriced brand-new hardware, VoIP enables unlimited scalability by allowing the addition of new extensions to any VoIP network; it’s really just as simple as connecting your SIP-enabled phone to the network infrastructure and customize the relevant software options.


There are also a number of other reasons to use VoIP technology – Below are the top benefits to future proof your Business & deploy a VoIP platform in your organization today:

  • reducing IT Infrastructure
    and Operations costs
  • increased functionality: VoIP service allows you to take your phone system with you, conducting presentations and meetings on your laptop, receive your Fax & Voicemail messages delivered to your email, supporting call center applications, enabling call recording & call monitoring features
  • increased flexibility and mobility: enabling the end-users to install & integrate software platforms such as remote conferencing systems, e-mail, e-fax, and video virtual bridges over the Internet via the telephone. Basically, a VoIP user can make a call from anywhere in the world as long as Internet connection is available
  • by implementing VoIP, Businesses are no longer forced to maintain a separate Network Infrastructures for phones and data
  • expanding your Business using
    Virtual Phone Numbers
  • supporting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • delivering high-quality performance & improving overall call quality, eventually
    increasing customer satisfaction
  • increasing the overall productivity of an organization by delivering multitasking-related functionalities to their employees, e.g. VoIP users are now able to conduct virtual meetings, have an access to an enhanced video conferencing experience designed to exchange documents, and share different types of data, eventually increasing remote employees’ overall collaboration level & enabling high-performance communication across all offices worldwide
  • significant reduction in IT complexity: VoIP is easy to install, manage, use, and troubleshoot. VoIP system installation requires very little IT staff involvement; There is little or even no IT activity required at all!
  • VoIP is significantly cheaper
    than a traditional landline
  • consolidating phone & network infrastructures equals
    significant reductions in total IT operations costs
  • significantly reducing your telecommunications costs &
    monthly expenses; Saving your money!

Keep in mind that planning is the most important phase of a successful VoIP deployment. A VoIP implementation must be carefully planned out and the network infrastructure must meet certain requirements to specifically handle VoIP traffic. Organizations that put the right amount of effort into the planning stages will be able to make the implementation of VoIP as smooth as possible.

HAYYDEN team comprises of VoIP Experts who have gained years of experience in the associated technologies and practices of the VoIP industry. Our VoIP Architects & Consultants team will assist you through every step, and will make your VoIP implementation successful!