Cloud Environment Networking Solutions & Virtualization & NFV


Cloud solutions are fundamentally changing the way companies compete and operate.
Cloud services range from data centers, databases and storage services to various types of complex Enterprise Applications made available on IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service),
PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) models.

The advanced HAYYDEN Cloud Network Virtualization (NV) solutions are equipped with an Innovative Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies and dynamic-provisioned Environments capable of supporting various data processing models and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).

As an Innovative ICT Networking company, HAYYDEN offers a wide range of Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies; a broad portfolio of SDN products is covered in more detail in a separate, exclusively dedicated Service Catalogue section called Software Defined Networking (SDN) Adoption & Provisioning.

Get the most from your Network with HAYYDEN Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). The main idea behind NFV is to decouple the Network Functions from Hardware so they can run in Software. HAYYDEN’s market-leading NFV-enabled Cloud-based services offer a broad spectrum of benefits resulting in cost-effective ICT standard that is capable of managing Network Infrastructure through highly dynamic and automated approach – NFV defines a new architectural model for operating, designing, implementing and supporting ICT Network & Cybersecurity Services.

NFV virtualizes Layer 4-7 & decouples Network Functions, such as Network Address Translation (NAT), firewalls, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), Content Delivery Networks, Domain Name Service (DNS), caching, load balancing (Application Delivery Controllers), and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) as well as other processes from running on proprietary physical hardware into software-based environment.

More specifically, instead of spending money on a bespoke physical hardware components for each Network Function, NFV utilizes standard IT virtualization technologies that run on top of industry-standard high-volume servers, switches, storage hardware, or even Cloud computing infrastructure to virtualize Network Functions.

NFV aims to deliver the Networking components required to support a fully virtualized infrastructure – It applies to storage, virtual servers and even other autonomous networks & systems.

The advanced ICT Network Virtualization and NFV greatly contribute to cost savings – OPEX and CAPEX are reduced significantly along with maximizing the ROI benefits, all contributing to dramatic TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) savings coupled with incomparable operational and Business agility.

Once implemented, NFV saves a lot of time on manual provisioning and hardware purchasing. Most importantly, NFV enables pay-as-you-grow models to eliminate over provisioning: rather than buying monster firewalls or big load balancers that can handle the entire network, the Client can just buy functions to cover certain types of Network functionalities & Infra requirements. This eliminates the need to purchase physical Infra components – The Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) are considerably reduced as there is no longer a need to continue buying purpose-built Networking hardware that must be constantly expanded to accommodate the ever-growing Business demands. Moreover, reductions in power consumption, cooling, hardware & cabling overhead, electricity costs, and Data Center space (including rack & floor rental space) accumulate to lower total facilities costs leading to a dramatically reduced Operating Expenses (OPEX).

The main disadvantage of the traditional hardware approach is related to the huge negative budget impact as having monster firewalls or some other massive equipment sitting in the middle of the infrastructure is extremely expensive because such traditional IT hardware must always be sized for peak capacity, resulting in a situation where hardware resources are constantly underutilized!

NFV aims to address the problem of costly hardware by offering the flexibility to dynamically scale resources allocation up & down based on service requirements to satisfy changing traffic demands.

Meeting the ever-expanding Business needs with additional hardware components is extremely expensive and time consuming.

Instead of damaging your company’s budget by investing in additional ICT hardware & equipment, your company should migrate from the legacy IT architecture towards the Virtualized and Self-Programmable networks based on NFV and SDN solutions that significantly reduce CAPEX, OPEX, and generate considerably higher Return On Investment (ROI)!

Together, NFV and SDN enable the Programmable networks, providing fully Automated IT environment and introducing a new level of IT flexibility.

SDN and NFV delivered by HAYYDEN will bring a dramatic wave of Innovation across your entire organization, allowing more efficient allocation of different ICT resources (bandwidth, hardware, circuits, servers, storage, etc.), as well as leading to better Business agility and significantly contributing to the overall IT cost reduction!

In addition, the Programmable Network Cloud built on the concepts of both NFV & SDN, will bring even wider range of possible benefits to your company !

With the right Cloud strategy in place, companies will gain competitive advantage over the competition and will manage to achieve far more profits when looking from the revenue growth perspective.


HAYYDEN delivers an array of Cloud networking solutions –
Our Architects & Engineers are Experts on each Cloud solution, and can provide a tailor-fit Cloud strategy that ensures the most cost-effective IT Infrastructure for your entire Business & Applications:

  • Public Cloud: common and shared Cloud computing model where resources such as software, servers or data storage are being made available over the Internet. Public Clouds offer efficiency and substantial cost savings. With a Public Cloud, architecture is often defined as a multi-tenant platform – meaning your service is being run in a shared environment.
  • Private Cloud: a single-tenancy Cloud model, owned, managed and only used by a single company. Private Clouds are built exclusively for your company use, designed to meet the specific needs of your organization & tailored directly to your unique Business goals. Private Clouds, whether externally-hosted or on-premises, offer high-performance, self-service and on-demand IT Environment that delivers Business agility, high availability, proactive & comprehensive monitoring, self-provisioning and automation. With a Private Cloud, all your critical applications & services are securely maintained on a private network protected by a firewall. Private Cloud architecture delivers the highest levels of security, control and compliance.
  • Hybrid Cloud: a combination of both Public and Private Cloud deployment models. Hybrid Clouds offer a wide range of possibilities, so you can easily pick and choose the right place to keep your Business data – For example, you might put your mission-critical data in your Private Cloud, while utilizing the Public Cloud for less sensitive data. With a Hybrid approach, organizations can run their applications in the Private Cloud during normal operations and push excess capacity into the Public Cloud to satisfy peak demand periods (enabling on-demand resources & ‘pay-as-you-grow’ model). This Hybrid Cloud feature is also beneficial during expected as well as unexpected outages like power supply interruptions, service disruptions, scheduled maintenance windows, hurricane & flood warnings, blackouts and IT system failures – A Hybrid Cloud environment truly denotes a responsive approach to your specific Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity needs.

The Programmable SDN/NFV-enabled Cloud-based solutions delivered by HAYYDEN bring a wide array of benefits to your company:

  • Significant Cost Savings : substantially reducing Capital & Operational Expenditures (CapEx and OpEX)!
  • Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) & considerably improved ROI!
  • HAYYDEN’s pay-as-you-go service can quickly scale-up & down your Infrastructure on-demand, minimizing your IT hardware costs
  • You pay ONLY for the infrastructure & resources you need, for as long as you use them – No more paying for unused IT resources!
  • Significantly reducing your need for in-house IT support resources & internal technical support staff!
  • Replacing traditional in-house technologies: Getting rid of physical servers, storage, and networking infrastructure – Moreover, eliminating operational expenses associated with an expensive in-house hardware & software maintenance costs!
  • Significantly lowering both capital and operational costs associated with provisioning your IT resources!
  • A much faster provisioning process : automate & program end-to-end provisioning of the entire IT infrastructure – It enables you to self-provision networks on-demand for your Business purposes in a matter of seconds
  • Mobility & Availability: Get 24/7 Cloud system access from any location on any device!
  • Delivering highly flexible and cost-effective Disaster Recovery (DR) & Business Continuity (BC) capabilities. Fully customizable Disaster Recovery (DR) Cloud solution!
  • Preventing temporary or permanent loss of mission-critical data
  • Preventing permanent loss of physical IT Infrastructure!
  • Cutting-Edge Innovation: Delivering innovative & unique ICT solutions
  • Increase Business Agility: Boosting productivity & efficiency across your company!
  • Substantially reducing ongoing staffing costs!
  • Providing Annual cost-savings!
  • Energy savings: Greater energy efficiency with fewer machines to run and cool!
  • No waste of energy: Cloud computing is much more environmentally friendly compared to traditional Data Center deployment models – Cloud computing can help your company Go Green. Make your IT Green!
  • The Programmable Cloud Automation significantly accelerates Time-to-Market, enabling you to deliver Applications much faster, and thereby, considerably increasing your Business profits!
  • Technology Innovation: The Programmable Cloud-based environment enables automated provisioning, orchestration & management!
  • Delivering highly Programmable Cloud-based solutions, and bringing more advanced ICT & Networks Automation!


HAYYDEN offers a large array of Cloud networking solutions that transform your Business into a fully Automated IT environment. Within the IT spending budget, hardware & your in-house IT workforce (i.e. IT personnel) are the most expensive costs associated with running an IT Infrastructure –
Our Programmable SDN & NFV-enabled Cloud-based technologies cut down your both physical hardware and operating costs.

Most importantly, less physical hardware means less IT staff to manage & operate IT equipment, you also don’t need to spend money on expensive multi-platform cross-trainings & additional multi-vendor courses for your in-house IT staff members – All of this means lower IT staff costs, leading to significant savings in the overall running costs, & spectacularly boosting your Company’s annual revenue! HAYYDEN’s Architects and Engineers are recognized industry Experts in secure Cloud-based & Automation related technologies, delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to your unique Business needs, providing you with a competitive edge in the market!

Let us put you way ahead of your competition!