Our reach continues to expand – HAYYDEN is delighted to announce our latest win for one of our Clients to lead a major Network & Cybersecurity & ICT migration.

This prestigious new contract is to execute and complete end-to-end transition of the entire Network, Site-to-Site & Remote Access VPNs, and all the other remaining critical ICT Infrastructure components. The whole migration of the Client’s existing ICT Infrastructure needs to happen across different countries in Europe.

The entire project holds extremely aggressive deadlines & timelines; That’s why accomplishing this whole venture is going to be exceptionally demanding! – At HAYYDEN, we love challenges – This is something that’s encoded in our DNA!!!

HAYYDEN is extremely proud and excited to announce a significant new contract win with a large IT Business Products Technology Provider.

Our new Client has a longstanding history of conducting the IT Business end-to-end products delivery in a truly global markets; gained experience, credibility and brand recognition across the globe have made our new Client’s IT Products Delivery Services play a key Leadership role in IT products supply-chain across a range of sectors, including retail banking, financial institutions, financial services providers, business processing, insurance & funds,
and high-profile banking sector including national
& international banks.

Run your Business without interruptions 24/7 with the help of our proactive 24/7 Monitoring & Protection systems from the wide array of offerings available within HAYYDEN professional monitoring services.

HAYYDEN’s Network Monitoring Tools & Platforms help you see how traffic is distributed across your ICT Infrastructure, and allow you to see the bandwidth usage of your entire network.

The HAYYDEN Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor provides customizable reports to monitor traffic across your whole organization & entire production environment.

With our proactive 24/7 network & performance monitoring – downtimes, harmful problems, and critical outages leading to ICT failures and data loss can be detected as early as possible, or even prevented before they occur!!!

Let’s find out what eats up your bandwidth, how your Internet connection is being used and by whom, and how to get your bandwidth back!

Let’s start monitoring with HAYYDEN your entire ICT Infrastructure & bandwidth today!!!

We’re delighted to announce that the migration of the entire ICT infrastructure of our Client across different European countries has been successfully completed!!!

Despite the extremely aggressive deadlines & timelines, HAYYDEN managed to complete everything on time & under budget!!!

Our Client was extremely satisfied with the work HAYYDEN has carried out while successfully completing the entire migration project – The Client feedback we received was exceptionally outstanding!!!


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